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Getting It Published: The Realities of Academic Publishing

Sun, December 16, 12:30 to 2:00pm, Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Beacon Hill 2 & 3

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Steven Feldman, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, moderator
Charles Gallagher, SJ, Associate Professor of History, Boston College
Dee Mortensen, Editorial Director, Indiana University Press
Noam Pianko, Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Washington

The academic publishing process can seem opaque to many scholars, especially to those who have never been through it. With a first book (or at least a contract in hand) becoming ever more important in today's academic job market, this panel will discuss the process of turning a dissertation into a book and academic publishing more generally. The panelists will focus on such key topics as the differences between a dissertation and a book, identifying an appropriate press, crafting a strong book proposal, whether you can submit a manuscript to more than one press at a time, the ideal length of a manuscript, whether you should embargo your dissertation, and many other practical questions. Our panelists include a senior scholar with wide experience mentoring students on their dissertations, publications, and career paths (Pianko); an editor at a highly respected academic press (Mortensen); and a scholar currently working on a book under contract to Harvard University Press (Gallagher); and someone who works at the intersection of scholarship and publishing who has guided scholars through the publication process (Feldman). Each speaker will discuss the publication process from her or his unique vantage point, and ample time will be left for questions from the audience; questions particular to audience members' projects will be encouraged. The goal of the panel will be to take the mystery--and the fear--out of the publication process.

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