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August 9-11, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
Submission Deadline Extended: February 4, 2013

2013 Theme
"Innovating and Collaborating
in a Global Marketplace"

2013 Co-Chairs
Rebecca J. Slotegraaf
Indiana University

David A. Griffith
Lehigh University

The Summer Educators’ Conference is an important forum for intellectual exchange. Manuscripts, special session proposals, and poster abstracts are invited that present evidence of empirical findings, explore new theoretical perspectives, suggest practical implications of existing theory, examine diverse methodologies, apply new tools to marketing management, provide insights for research drawn from marketing practice or consumer behavior, highlight advances in marketing practice or marketing education, and/or insightfully synthesize one or more important bodies of literature relevant to marketing.

Although the conference is open to submission on all marketing topics, a goal for the 2013 Summer Educators’ Conference is to seek submissions related to the conference theme of “Innovating and Collaborating in the Global Marketplace.”

Where and When do I Submit my Work?
Submission will be open no later than October, 2012. The deadline for all submissions is January 28, 2013. To submit your manuscript, login on the right side of this page.

This conference is organized around seventeen tracks, with competitive paper submissions, special session proposals, and poster abstracts being sent to specific tracks for evaluation and review. Descriptions of the tracks, the chair(s) of each track, and detailed submission instructions for competitive papers, special sessions, and poster abstracts are provided below. For additional information about a specific track, please contact the chair(s) of that track.
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