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2010 AP-LS Conference
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The 2010 AP-LS Annual Conference will be held March 18-20 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 2010 AP-LS Annual Conference will be held March 18-20 at The Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia ( Proposals for symposia, papers, and posters addressing topics in all areas of psychology and law are invited. We especially welcome proposals that are empirically based and those that involve new and emerging topics within psychology and law.

Paper proposals are appropriate for presentations that will focus on an individual research topic or piece of legal scholarship. After acceptance/rejection of proposals has been determined, the conference co-chairs will group paper presentations into sessions consisting of 3-5 presentations. (Each paper session at the conference will be allotted up to 60 minutes. The amount of time allowed for each individual presentation will be determined by the total number of presentations involved).

A symposium proposal is appropriate for a coordinated group of presentations that will focus on one topic. Symposium proposals must include a minimum of four presentations and a discussant. The discussant must be independent of the lab or research projects that are presented in the symposium. Each participant and the topics to be discussed should be outlined in the proposal. The participation of each presenter should be secured before submitting the proposal. (Each symposium session at the conference will be allotted up to 80 minutes.)

Poster presentations will be made at one of two poster sessions held Friday and Saturday evenings. Presentations will be made in a written format on display boards (size TBA).

Consistent with previous conferences, there will be a limit of TWO first-author presentation submissions (either individual papers or papers within a symposium) for each submitter. There is no limit on the number of poster submissions or appearances as a discussant or session chair.

Proposals will be evaluated through a blind review process focused on the following three criteria: 1) the intellectual merit of the proposal, 2) the innovative nature of the proposal, and 3) the proposal's integration of multiple aspects of the field of psychology and law. Please be aware of the Society's ongoing effort to increase the rigor of the review process and the quality of the presentations at the conference. As a result, the conference is likely to accept fewer paper and symposium presentations and to accept more poster presentations. Please be sure to indicate during submission if you would like your paper or symposium papers to be considered for inclusion as posters if they are not accepted as proposed.

Paper and poster proposals should consist of an abstract that is no longer than 100 words and a summary that is no longer than 1000 words. Symposium proposals should consist of a 100-word abstract and 1000-word summary for each paper, plus an additional 200-word abstract for the symposium. Empirical research submissions that do not include data are discouraged.

All proposals should be submitted electronically via the conference website created for APLS by All Academic. The site is currently scheduled to become active for submissions in late-August. Please check the APLS conference webpage for regular updates regarding the submission process.

The deadline for submissions is OCTOBER 5, 2009 at 3 PM E.S.T..
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