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David McIvor's Mourning in America: Race and the Politics of Loss

Sat, September 2, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Hilton Union Square, Golden Gate 6

Session Submission Type: Author meet critics

Session Description

In Mourning in America: Race and the Politics of Loss, David W. McIvor takes up significant and urgent questions about how citizens can mourn traumatic events and enduring injustices in their communities. McIvor develops a framework for analyzing the politics of mourning, assembling voices from psychoanalysis, Greek tragedy, and studies of truth and reconciliation commissions. This framework positions McIvor to examine contemporary activism in response to surrounding racial injustice in the United States, in particular Black Lives Matter, as part of a broader politics of grief and recognition.
This panel convenes scholars who have studied and written on McIvor’s range of themes and interlocutors: Sonali Chakravarti (historic injustice, truth and reconciliation, politics and the emotions); Robyn Marasco (despair, loss, and critical theory); Nancy Luxon (psychoanalysis, contemporary political theory, speech and action); and Joseph Winters (race and politics, hope, and mourning). This impressive list of respondents suggests the significance of McIvor’s book, of which Bonnie Honig wrote “This is an incredible book by an author with a sure theoretical voice and a powerful moral perspective on the politics of conflict.”

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