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Replication in the Social Sciences: Decreasing Western Dominance in Research

Fri, August 31, 8:00 to 9:30am, Marriott, Salon H


A small but increasing number of journals offer archives of data and code used for empirical research published by them. This allows to replicate original research, helping to identify the origins of differences that often occur when different researchers approach the same research question. It also helps to build on existing research, using improved methodology or comparing results derived from different data.
The ReplicationWiki serves as a database of replications as well as of replication material for empirical research. Of the more than 2800 studies covered, about 1600 have information on the geographical origin of the data used. For around 1000 of these US data was used. Important countries like China and Japan are dramatically underrepresented with less than 30 studies each. The large number of users who register for the Wiki from China and economically less developed countries shows it can help to alleviate the problems of data access many researchers in these areas face. Replications using data from different regions than the original studies can help to get a more comprehensive understanding of political and related sciences.