Individual Submission Summary

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Asian Americans, Linked Fate, and Party Attachment in the Trump Era

Sat, September 1, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Hynes, 111


The 2016 National Asian American Survey indicates that Asian Americans are increasingly identifying as Democrats and approximately 25% supported Donald Trump in 2016. Studies suggest that a possible reason minorities increasingly identify as Democrats is due to perception of discrimination. Moreover, studies have shown that discrimination has increased feelings of linked fate among Blacks and Latinos. However, the relationship between discrimination, linked fate and party identification is unclear, particularly among Asian Americans. This study seeks to address this shortcoming and explores linked fate and attachment to political party among Asian Americans using the Pre/Post 2016 Election Survey on Racial Attitudes. This survey is a three-wave, time-series survey conducted one week before the November 2016 election, one week after, and one year after the election. We find that the rhetoric surrounding the 2016 election increased perceptions of discrimination among Asian Americans. Additionally, we find a stable increase of linked fate among respondents, suggesting that Asian Americans are feeling vulnerable in this political climate. The results have implications for Asian American panethnic identity as well as the relationship between this community and the GOP.