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Statebuilding and Insurgency in Conflict Zones

Fri, August 31, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Hynes, 205

Session Submission Type: Full Paper Panel

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Under what conditions are statebuilding and humanitarian programs in fragile, conflict-affected countries successful? When do local and international programs mutually reinforce one another, and when do they work at cross-purposes? And what explains variation in the ability of insurgents to undermine or capture aid flows and emerging institutions? This panel assembles leading scholars to explore the complex links between international intervention, armed conflict, statebuilding, and insurgency in diverse contexts, including Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, and Somalia. Collectively, they employ multiple methods, including survey experiments, microlevel event data, and qualitative interviews. The panel contributes to our understanding of conflict dynamics, state formation, and aid delivery in fragile states.

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