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New Research in Latino Politics: Here and Abroad

Sat, September 1, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Marriott, Brandeis

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The Latino Caucus was created in 1998 to both promote and protect the professional development and well-being of Latina/o political scientists AND to increase the visibility and support for the study of Latina/o politics. At that time, Latinos were severely underrepresented in the discipline and there were less than a handful of articles on Latino Politics in general interest political science journals. Today, largely due to the notable contributions and efforts of individual Latina/o scholars and with the support of APSA and other professional associations, there is obvious improvement in the status of Latina/o political scientists and Latino politics research but the problems of underrepresentation and mainstream acceptance and/or respect for the scholarship remain. With these thoughts in mind, the goal of this panel is two-fold: 1. To recognize and celebrate the contributions of early scholars who "plowed the field" in the study of Latino politics; and 2. To listen and learn from presentations on the latest, cutting-edge research in Latino politics.

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