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Transparent Qualitative Research: Evaluating Annotation for Transparent Inquiry

Thu, August 29, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Marriott, Hoover

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Calls for transparent research practices in political science are now regularly extended to qualitative research. A very wide range of perspectives, both methodological and epistemological, are captured under the single label “qualitative research,” however. Accordingly, what practices for achieving openness are appropriate and useful is likely to vary across different types of qualitative inquiry. Scholars who engage in such research are making exciting progress in developing such practices. Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI), which was developed at the Qualitative Data Repository and builds on Moravcsik’s “Active Citation”, is one approach. ATI allows scholars who engage in qualitative research to provide information about how they produced and analyzed the data that underlie their empirical claims, as well as offer access to the data themselves. How useful is ATI for achieving openness in different types of qualitative research? This Roundtable assembles researchers from diverse perspective who have used ATI. We will discuss its benefits and limitations – and the prospects and challenges of transparency in qualitative research more generally.

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