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Civic Engagement Pedagogy Across the Globe

Tue, September 28, 6:00 to 7:30am PDT (6:00 to 7:30am PDT), TBA

Session Submission Type: Virtual Full Paper Panel

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A thriving and peaceful democracy requires an informed and engaged citizenry, but such citizenship must be learned. Declining rates of civic and political knowledge and engagement among young adults across the world have sparked calls to action in the last twenty years or so as well as a strengthening commitment to teaching the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to sustain a democracy. Educators around the globe are faced with challenges in teaching politics in an era in which populist values are on the rise, authoritarian governance is legitimized, and core democratic tenets are regularly questioned and undermined by leaders and citizens alike. To combat anti-democratic outcomes and citizens’ apathy, educators need a wider range of pedagogical tools to help the current generation learn to effectively navigate and lead debates and changes in local, national, and global political issues, policies, and systems.
In this panel, participants share examples of civic engagement courses around the world - successes, failures, and paths for improvement. The panel is composed of a selection of authors from the APSA publication Teaching Civic Engagement Globally (2021).

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