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2022 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in France

Thu, September 15, 8:00 to 9:30am, TBA

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In the past decade, electoral politics in France has undergone major transformations both at the level of the party system and that of the electorate. The traditional left-right binary has collapsed and been replaced by a strong centrist party combined with fierce electoral competition on the far-right. The panel aims at discussing these changes in light of the parliamentary and presidential elections that will take place in April and June 2022. First, recent and ongoing changes in the party system will be studied with a joint focus on new parties and their institutionalization, including Emmanuel Macron’s La République en marche, that successfully erupted onto the political scene in 2017; and older parties that face direct challenges, like the radical right Rassemblement national and challenger Eric Zemmour. Second, the panel will examine voting behaviours and attitudes in light of party system changes and, specifically, zero in on radical-right voters’ electoral choices.

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