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APSA 2025 Teaching & Learning Conference

February 7-9, 2025
Alexandria, VA

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"Teaching Political Science Matters"

TLC Program Co-Chairs: Terry Gilmour, Midland College and Stephen Meinhold, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


Building on the work done by John Ishiyama’s APSA Presidential Task Force entitled Rethinking Political Science Education, the 2025 Teaching & Learning Conference will advance those recommendations by exploring why teaching political science matters. How can we reconsider and reimagine our own programs, curriculum, and pedagogy?  Higher education has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades and yet the importance and value of a political science education has never been more apparent: we must teach how politics works and the importance of democratic values and civic engagement; we must teach our students how to be successful if they continue with graduate education; we must teach the skills necessary for entering the workforce.  We welcome submissions for the following tracks and perhaps others as we rethink the future of a political science education and why teaching political science matters.


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