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Annual Meeting
April 24 - 26, 2009
Members who wish to present papers at the 2009 Annual Meeting of ARCE at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas should submit abstracts to the Review Committee electronically via this site no later than January 9, 2009. The Review Committee will be comprised of scholars in both ancient and modern Egyptian studies. Please carefully read the Submission Guidelines below. Submissions are encouraged in the areas of
  • Ancient Egyptian: Art, Archaeology, History, Literature, Philology, Religion
  • Anthropology
  • Coptic Studies
  • Egyptian History
  • Medieval to Modern Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Modern Egyptian Culture and Society
Submission Guidelines -
  • All submitters must be members of ARCE, in good standing
  • Submitted abstracts must not exceed 500 words
  • Submissions must be received by January 9, 2009 - no late entries will be considered
  • All submissions will be vetted by the Review Committee
  • Submitters will be notified by the Committee regarding the acceptance or rejection of their abstract by February 13, 2009
  • All presenters must pre-register for the 2009 Annual Meeting, failure to do so will result in removing your paper from the program
  • No individual may present more than one paper
  • All submissions must be in English
Note: Priority will be given to professionals and advanced students. When submitting your abstract, please be aware that the program for paper presentations for ARCE's 2009 Annual Meeting will begin Friday, April 24th at 11:00am and will conclude on Sunday, April 26th at 1:00pm. If your paper is accepted, you may be scheduled at any point during the program. No requests for presenting on a specific day will be granted, except to those with religious reasons. A request for such must be submitted in the Special Requests section of this site.
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