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The 68th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt



Intercontinental Kansas City at the Plaza

Kansas City, Missouri

April 21 - 23, 2017



Please be sure to read all information below for the 2017 ARCE Annual Meeting prior to proceeding with your abstract submittal.



Please be informed that the vetting process has been revised for 2017. Read all of the updated information below prior to proceeding with a submittal.

ARCE members who wish to offer papers or panels and graduate students who propose a paper or poster for presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting of ARCE in Kansas City, Missouri, should submit abstracts to the Review Committee electronically via this site not later than January 6, 2017.

A double-blind vetting process will be employed; neither reviewers nor submitters will be informed of one another’s identities. Abstracts should provide a brief overview of the topic, clearly state the research goals, and note the impact of the work in the relevant area of study (results should be relayed during the presentation itself, as appropriate, not necessarily in the abstract). In order to preserve the blind review component, text of abstracts should not include personally identifiable information (e.g. the submitter’s name).

The Review Committee is comprised of scholars in both ancient and modern Egyptian studies and will review submissions in the following categories:

  • Ancient Egypt

    • Archaeology (includes Archaeological Sciences; Bioarchaeology; Field Reports)

    • Language and Literature (includes Literature; Philology [grammar]; Text Studies)

    • Art and Artifacts (includes Art; Art History; Museum Collections; Objects)

    • History

    • Religion

  • Ancient Nubia

  • Conservation (includes Project Reports; Techniques; Training)

  • Historic and Modern Studies

    • Coptic Studies

    • Medieval to Ottoman Egypt

    • Modern Egyptian Culture and Society

  • History of Egyptology

  • Technological Advents/Advances


Submission Guidelines:

  •  All submitters must be members of ARCE in good standing. Membership status can be confirmed by contacting ARCE at or call 210-821-7000.

  • Abstracts must not exceed 250 words.

  • Submissions must be received by midnight (12:00AM, PST) January 6, 2017. Late entries will not be considered.

  • All submissions will be vetted by the Review Committee - only the title and abstract of a submission will be included during the peer review process..

  • Submitters will be notified by the Committee Chair via email regarding the acceptance, wait-list, or rejection of their abstract by February 3, 2017.

  • All presenters must provide their own funding to attend the Annual Meeting.

  • All presenters must pre-register for the 2017 Annual Meeting by February 17, 2017. Failure to register by February 17th will result in the removal of the paper, panel, or poster from the program.

  • Submission (and any subsequent acceptance) of an abstract is a commitment by the submitter(s) to present the paper in person at the Annual Meeting.

  • Papers may not be presented by anyone other than the named author(s).

  • Co-authors and co-presenters must be defined in All Academic when submitting an abstract and may not be added after the abstract due date.

  • No individual may submit more than one paper, panel, or poster.

  • All submissions must be in English.

  • Only currently enrolled graduate students are invited to propose a poster. Up to ten posters will be accepted and all accepted will be enrolled in the best student poster competition.

  • Only currently enrolled graduate students who select the “best student paper” option during submission will be considered for inclusion in the best student paper competition.

  • All student paper and student poster presentations will be vetted along with all other member submissions. Only after peer review is completed will accepted student presentations be considered for inclusion in the paper and poster contests.


When submitting an abstract, please be aware that the program for paper and panel presentations for ARCE’s 2017 Annual Meeting will begin Friday, April 21st at 8:30am and will conclude on Sunday, April 23rd at 1:00pm. If your paper is accepted, you may be scheduled at any point during the program. REQUESTS FOR PRESENTING ON A SPECIFIC DAY WILL BE ACCOMMODATED FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS ONLY. Such requests must be included in the Special Requests section of your submission.

As of January 7, 2017, neither abstracts nor titles will be able to be amended. However, submitters will retain access to edit contact information via this site.


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