Individual Submission Summary

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Capabilities of Movements and Affordances of Digital Media: Paradoxes of Empowerment

Mon, August 18, 2:30 to 4:10pm, TBA


Dear Organizers: This was written as a piece for section newsletter for the Section on Political Sociology. This remains a preliminary piece which will be bolstered by data I’ve collected in the field from the Gezi protests which includes hundreds of formal interviews, field observation and participant-observation(which included repeatedly being tear-gassed!). The interviews have just been transcribed and are now being coded and I’ll be happy to submit a final, 20 page version shortly if that helps with deciding which papers to include in this timely, important session. I apologize for submitting the piece in this incomplete, preliminary format but hope that ASA 2014 can make room for papers that analyze recent events. Thank you very much!