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Perceptions of Socioeconomic Mobility by Second Generation Mexican Americans and French North Africans

Sun, August 23, 2:30 to 4:10pm, TBA


This paper compares the subjective understanding of success and socioeconomic mobility of two second generation groups, Mexicans in the US and North African in France. Accounting for the culture of mobility among members of the two groups, we investigate how children of immigrants think about key factors in their incorporation and social mobility including their educational experiences and their early labour market experiences. We also look into the cultural and structural factors that shape our respondents’ perceptions. Despite their disadvantaged position, Mexican Americans regard their experiences as considerable success given their significant departure from their parents’ meagre statuses and ability to fulfil expectations set within a labour migration cultural repertoire. French North Africans, on the other hand, emphasize their limited ability to experience upward mobility as a result of the restrictions imposed on them by French society.


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