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Bringing Trans Sex and Sexual Embodiments into Sociology

Mon, August 22, 4:30 to 6:10pm, TBA


Sociologist Kevin Walby (2012:10) warns about the importance of studying sex and sexual practices from academic perspectives: “[We] must start with bodies coming together, their parts and fluids, the interactions between bodies and the meanings produced therein.” Joshua Gamson (2013:808), reviewing more than a decade of sociological texts on LGBT issues, writes: “LGBT sociology… could use some more sex.” Indeed, sexuality among cis women and their trans men partners has rarely been explored by academic researchers. Sex and sexuality are generally considered fundamental components of intimate relationships, yet there remain palpable silences around cis women’s embodied experiences of sexuality with trans men partners. Here, I challenge these silences by offering narrative interview accounts, from fifty cis women partners of trans men, about their experiences of trans sexual embodiments and sexuality.