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310 - Thematic Session. Re-Imagining Movements for Environmental and Climate Justice: Can They Change Everything?

Mon, August 22, 8:30 to 10:10am, TBA

Session Submission Type: Invited Session


Description: By December 2015, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will have convened in Paris to finalize a global climate treaty. However, the process has been marked by a protracted stalemate between the interests of the global North and the global South. Simultaneously, a sprawling climate justice movement has been growing in numbers, reach, and strength, interlinked in a vast network of networks. As December 2015 approaches and passes, these movements are hoping to persuade governments and global institutions to take decisive steps that include signing on to a fair and binding global climate treaty and charting pathways toward deeply sustainable societies.

This session will address the post-2015 situation, asking whether it remains possible to “change everything,” as Naomi Klein puts it in her best-selling book (and 2015 film by the same name) This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

Consisting of prominent public intellectuals, climate activists, and interdisciplinary scholars, the panel will collectively address the question: how can the global environmental and climate justice movements work creatively to craft action plans that address the root causes and future impacts of climate change?

In doing so, we will be rethinking the most important global social movement of the 21st century, and the issue of humanity’s response to the problem of climate change will define the conditions of life as the century wears on.

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