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346 - Presidential Panel. ASA Town Hall Meeting

Mon, August 22, 10:30am to 12:10pm, TBA

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Sociologists study social inequality across the world. Yet, they seldom examine their own house. The time has arrived for sociologists to take a hard look at how social inequality operates within our discipline and in the American Sociological Association. Race, gender, class, and sexual orientation matter in society as well as in our discipline. It could not be otherwise as we, sociologists, carry the imprint of the social. Consciously and unconsciously and through our actions and inactions, we reproduce social inequalities in our departments, universities, and even in the ASA. In this town hall meeting, we will discuss, debate, and rant a bit about the multiple ways in which social cleavages are reproduced in sociology despite our collective support for diversity.
At the town hall meeting during ASA in 2016 in Seattle, five sociologists –Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Mignon Moore, David Embrick, Julian Go, and Aldon Morris- will make brief opening statements in order to frame the most important issues. These statements will be followed by open discussions designed to address the range of issues affecting social inequality within our discipline and its associations.

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