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1 - The Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Tue, August 14, 12:30 to 2:10pm, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100, 104A

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PSID is a data source used by sociologists in a variety of specialty areas, including stratification and mobility, family, children and youth, aging, and education. Because of the study's duration and complex design, the publicly available data can feel overwhelming to a new user. The proposed session provides a helpful and efficient orientation to the study's many components.


This interactive workshop is geared toward current and prospective users of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID,, the world's longest-running longitudinal household panel survey. It provides an overview of the general structure and content of PSID and its supplemental surveys, including the original and ongoing Child Development Supplements, the Transition into Adulthood Supplement, and the Disability and Use of Time Supplement, as well as an update on recent and current data collection efforts (the Rosters and Transfers module, the Childhood Restrospective Circumstances Study, and the Wellbeing Suppplement). The second half of the workshop includes a walk-through of the PSID website, documentation, and data center as well as a question and answer session. The PSID has collected data on a wide range of sociologically relevant topics from a nationally representative sample of US families and their descendants since 1968. Content domains include employment, occupations, income, wealth, education, expenditures, health, aging, marriage, childbearing, child development, youth transitions, philanthropy, intergenerational relations, and numerous other topics.

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