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4220 - Feeling Race and Resistance in Philly: The Role of Arts, Culture, and Healing in Social Movements for Transformation

Tue, August 14, 10:30am to 12:10pm, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Floor: Level 100, 111B

Session Submission Type: Regional Spotlight Session


Philadelphia’s history and livelihood is incomplete without an understanding of how ordinary people, despite the city’s repeated attempts to exclude and marginalize their existence, have organized themselves to resist structural oppression. The invitation to explore “feeling race” comes with a great responsibility to lift up Philly’s distinct approach to challenging and organizing against the existing racial order. Traditionally marginalized groups in Philadelphia have consistently created and cultivated resistance through a framework of arts, representation and culture simply because these mediums more holistically embody the reality and nature of their racialized emotions. Using DuBois, Lefebvre and Bourdieu’s frameworks around the intersections of art, politics, power and the right to the city movements, we highlight Philly’s distinct forms of community-based cultural resistance as a vehicle for societal transformation. Despite the layers of collective trauma and harm woven into Philly’s most marginalized communities and neighborhoods, the city’s legacy of organizing persists through the cultivation of artistic and healing spaces.

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