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1 - Educational Successes and Challenges in Diverse Urban Districts: Lessons from New York City

Sun, August 11, 8:30 to 10:10am, New York Hilton, Floor: Concourse, Concourse B

Session Submission Type: Regional Spotlight Sessions


Public education in New York City faces a number of opportunities and challenges in delivering equitable, high-quality K-12 schooling. Like many American cities, New York is residentially segregated and economically unequal, which produces tremendous variation in the assets and struggles students bring to their school buildings each day. As the largest school district in the United States, New York City is viewed as a leader in education practice and policy, embedded in an urban context that has long been a focus of sociological research on inequality and place. This session brings together experts on education in New York City from academia, journalism, and public policy with the aim of drawing generalizable empirical and theoretical conclusions about urban education in the United States.

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