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1 - Designing for Social Justice? The Politics of Technology

Sat, August 10, 10:30am to 12:10pm, Sheraton New York, Floor: Lower Level, Gramercy

Session Submission Type: Paper Session 100min


From “data for good” movements using metrics to support evidenced-based policy, to proposed solutions to global “energy poverty,” technologies have come to sit at the center of attempts to reduce inequality and democratize technoscience. The conceit that technological design may embody a range of both deliberate and unintended social assumptions is central to many of these efforts. This panel session will highlight scholarship on efforts to “design for social justice”–-be it through the creation of alternative, liberatory technologies, or via the reverse-engineering or hacking of black boxes for more equitable ends. Papers will explore what engineering and design practices tell us about the interplay between the intent, use and outcome of technological systems, about the durability of technological affordances, and about the relationship between technoscience and politics.

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