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2116 - Equity and Inclusion for Transgender, Intersex, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Scholars/Scholarship in the Discipline

Sun, August 11, 8:30 to 10:10am, New York Hilton, Floor: Second Floor, Murray Hill West

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During a time of global instability and injustice, some find themselves struggling within their professional organizations and disciplines as well. While our sections were created to address disciplinary marginalization of particular scholars and scholarship, we now find these same sections to be recreating or re-inscribing some of the same inequitable power structures connected to section leadership, programming, scholarship, and recognition of scholarship. Rather than continuing to ignore these tensions, and responding to the ASA 2019 theme, “Engaging Social Justice for a Better World,” we propose three ASA 2019 workshops, co-sponsored by the sections on: Sexualities; Race, Gender and Class; and Sex and Gender, to address them head-on and to work together to develop individual, collective, and institutional accountability as we strive to acknowledge privilege and develop greater equity and representation for people of color, transnational scholars, and transgender, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming scholars and scholarship in our sections and discipline. These workshops involve participation by ASA members as well as by those trained in facilitating intergroup dialogues. In this workshop, we focus on equity and inclusion for transgender, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming scholars and scholarship.

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