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4317 - Publishing and Presenting Transgender Studies: Working With Skeptical or Hostile Audiences

Tue, August 13, 12:30 to 2:10pm, New York Hilton, Floor: Second Floor, Murray Hill East

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In this workshop, members of Sociologists for Trans Justice will walk attendees through strategies on how to respond to skeptical or hostile audiences when publishing and presenting work related to transgender and gender nonconforming populations. It is increasingly common for sociologists to conduct and cite research that includes or focuses on transgender and gender nonconforming populations. However, scholars conducting this work often confront higher rates of skepticism and/or hostility from peers and important gatekeepers about the importance and relevance of our work. Depending on the audience we are trying to reach, we may encounter a variety of questions and obstacles. Common sources of consternation for scholars in transgender studies include the relatively small size of the populations we study, the disproportionate dismissal of our work as “mesearch,” and implicit, if not explicit insistence on ultimate biological determinism, among others. The facilitators of this workshop have all worked on transgender topics during their careers as sociologists, and will share their experiences and advice related to getting work published, presenting at conferences, and going on the job market, in the hopes of passing down our tips and strategies to attendees. There will also be time for questions and answers.

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