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1 - How to Bring Your Sociological Expertise to Not-for-Profit Organizations (Sponsored by the Sociology Action Network (SAN))

Mon, August 12, 2:30 to 4:10pm, New York Hilton, Floor: Third Floor, Mercury Ballroom

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The Sociology Action Network (SAN) is a new initiative of the American Sociological Association designed to assist and empower not-for-profit organizations by giving them access to pro bono experts in sociology. Any PhD sociologist who is an ASA member and wants to volunteer may sign up to participate in SAN. This ASA Workshop will describe what SAN is, why it was established, and how you can become involved in and benefit from SAN. The workshop will begin by addressing the principles that guide SAN projects and the motivations for becoming a SAN volunteer. It will then provide a brief overview of best practices when working with community organizations to establish mutually respectful relationships that truly benefit communities while avoiding the pitfalls that can beset even well-intended efforts. In addition, two sociologists who have worked with not-for-profit organizations and representatives from those organizations will discuss their projects and the challenges and benefits of their collaborations.

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