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Digital Africana Studies in Theory and in Practice

Thu, Oct 6, 12:00 to 1:45pm, Richmond Marriott Hotel, Richmond Marriott Hotel Shenandoah-AV


The primary audience for this discussion includes literary scholars who are interested in Digital Humanities or Afrofuturism, practitioners of Digital Africana Studies, and those who are curious about innovative approaches that merge technology and the Humanities, or more specifically, Africana Studies. This discussion may also be of interest to more traditional Africana scholars who are skeptical or curious about how Digital Humanities technologies have an inherent connection with traditional Africana Studies scholarship. This presentation explores the use of those technologies through the theoretical lens of Afrofuturism and establishes the beginning conversations of a pedagogy that suggests varying ways to experience Africana culture, specifically using the historical/cultural period of the Harlem Renaissance.


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