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Black Time Travel: History Telling in Virtual Space

Thu, Oct 6, 12:00 to 1:45pm, Richmond Marriott Hotel, Richmond Marriott Hotel Shenandoah-AV

Session Submission Type: Panel Session


Within the last five years, augmented reality has become an exciting pedagogical tool for research, education, and historical preservation. Scholars use numerous methods, from mobile apps to ocular devices, from gaming platforms to enhanced visualization and aural capabilities, to provide an experiential immersion in black history. As this educational method grows, it opens up new ways of understanding the intersection of black studies and space. Historic sites are now accessible in person and from afar. This panel will illustrate recent efforts to bring black studies and virtual space together to create spaces of attention, wherein visitors are invited to experience history as a series of enactments that identify the regenerative/transformative possibilities of black history.

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