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New Findings on Race and Policing from the National Justice Database

Wed, Nov 15, 12:30 to 1:50pm, Marriott, Room 306, 3rd Floor

Session Submission Type: Complete Thematic Panel


The Center for Policing Equity’s (CPE) National Justice Database (NJD) has produced standardized data on vehicle stops, pedestrian stops, and use of force events from dozens of local law enforcement agencies across the United States. Through four papers from CPE staff and affiliated researchers, this panel presents novel findings showcasing the wide variety of analyses on race and policing supported by the NJD. These papers draw on both the standardized stop and force data as well as a range of supplemental data types including psychological surveys of officers, crime and population counts, neighborhood-level demographic information, and booking data. Taken together, these findings shed new light on the causes and consequences of racial disparities in policing behavior and offer potential policy remedies.

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