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Presidential Panel: The President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice I -- Youth Crime, Police, Domestic Violence, & Race/Ethnicity in the Criminal Justice System

Wed, Nov 15, 9:30 to 10:50am, Marriott, Grand Ballroom Salon E, 5th Floor

Session Submission Type: Complete Thematic Panel


President Lyndon B. Johnson's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice issued its final report in 1967. It is considered to be a criminal justice landmark in the United States, laying out issues and recommendations that have provided a framework for policy development over a half-century. ASC asked experts in the major subjects that were addressed by the commission to discuss four topics: What the LBJ commission said about the subject, the key research findings over the last half-century, major changes in criminal justice over the period occurred, and what might a similar commission today recommend, both for practice and research. This panel covers the topics of Youth Crime, Policing, Domestic Violence, and Race and the Criminal Justice System.

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