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The Online Predator: Cyberbullies as the Hunters of the Online World

Thu, Nov 15, 3:30 to 4:50pm, Marriott, M107, Marquis Level


Seeking out prey, laying traps, targeting the 'weak', and being proud of their 'latest kill' are some of the behaviours that are often associated with hunters; however, through this research, it can be argued there is a new type of predator that society, mainly youth, ought to consider - the cyberbully. Cyberbullies are a distinct subculture associated with the youth phenomenon of cyberbullying. Through this research, cyberbullying is constructed as a deviant youth internet phenomenon that emerges and affects youth as a result of increased usage and reliance on social media platforms, technology, and the Internet. As a result of a qualitative popular film analysis, using the tools of textual and thematic analysis, various metaphors are constructed that allow a reconceptualising of the term 'cyberbully' in order to understand the behaviours, activities, and characteristics of such youth who fall into this subculture. Cyberbullies are, arguably, the hunters of the online world, as they use a set of specific tactics to target their victims online. This research explores a new way to construct an understanding of these youths who can be classified as cyberbullies and explores the characteristics they exude in new and exciting ways.


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