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Environmental Scan of Juvenile Justice Reform Initiatives

Sat, Nov 17, 8:00 to 9:20am, Marriott, M101, Marquis Level


Since the push for reform that gave rise to the juvenile justice system in the United States, the prevailing philosophies and practices within the juvenile justice system have continued to shift and evolve through several waves of reform. Over the last two decades, private foundations and policymakers have launched numerous multi-jurisdictional reform initiatives. Authors will present an environmental scan of juvenile justice reform efforts initiated across the United States since 2000. This paper will discuss the findings of key informant interviews with individuals directly involved with the development and implementation of national juvenile justice reform initiatives. Interviews were conducted in two phases. The first phase focused on learning about the implementation of the specific initiatives included in the study and included individuals who held leadership positions in organizations leading the initiatives. The second phase was aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the context and progress of juvenile justice reform across the various initiatives. Interviewees for the second phase included individuals identified based on the breadth of their experience and expertise related to juvenile justice reform. Findings will be used to help inform efforts to continue building on the progress seen in juvenile justice reform in recent years.