Individual Submission Summary

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A Process Evaluation of the Swift and Certain Probation Program in Jefferson Parish, LA

Wed, Nov 14, 2:00 to 3:20pm, Marriott, M105, Marquis Level


The Swift and Certain Probation Program in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana is a HOPE-based program that provides intensive supervision to high risk probationers. The current study report on our process evaluation of this two year old program. We examine progress toward five of the seven program goals, including reduction of substance use, increase in personal and societal responsibility, reduction of new crimes, reduction of prison overcrowding, and increase in effective resource use. We find that the program appears to meeting these five goals and we contextualize these findings with a detailed description of participants’ experience in the program that includes results of a perceptions survey and observations of status hearings and interactions with the judge. However, progress on the other two goals has remained more elusive and we discuss the challenges for the program in meeting these, as well as next steps for evaluation of Swift and Certain.