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Challenges to Developmental and Psychological Determinants of Crime

Sat, Nov 17, 9:30 to 10:50am, Marriott, M109, Marquis Level

Session Submission Type: Complete Thematic Panel


Policy reform bridges the gap between research and practice. The present panel challenges current criminal justice policy in understanding developmental and psychological determinants of crime. The first examines racial and gender-based differences in self-perceptions of maturity among juvenile offenders. Findings from this study highlight the need for more psychosocially informed policies in the trial of adolescent and young adult offenders. The second considers both the risk and protective factors of neighborhood disorder in promoting wellbeing among juvenile offenders with a history of family criminality. These findings provide a multidimensional foundation to inform court decisions of custodial determination. The final presentation examines the associated challenges faced by people with mental illness on parole supervision. Results provide insight into how courts can better facilitate the process of reentering the community for people with mental illness. As a whole, this panel has meaningful policy implications for promoting best practice among vulnerable populations.

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