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An Application of Cybercriminal Profiling Techniques in Criminology Research and Academic Curriculum

Thu, Nov 14, 2:00 to 3:20pm, Golden Gate Salon B, Area 5, B2 Level


In the efforts of identifying the problem of the crime scene, researchers (e.g., Douglas & Burgess, 1986; Douglas, Ressler, Burgess, & Hartman, 1986; Godwin, 2002) have attempted to establish a scientific and reliable profiling process for crime in the physical environment. Some scholars (e.g., Casey, 2012; Jahankhani & Al-Nemrat, 2012; Nykodym, Taylor, & Vilela 2005; Warikoo, 2014) have proposed the conceptualization of cybercriminal profiling techniques, including inductive and deductive profiling. However, the application of criminal profiling techniques to cybercrime research is still at an infant level. Therefore, the paper will discuss how we can empirically apply criminal profiling technique to cybercrime research or educational curriculum.