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Roundtable: Research Agenda and Curriculum in Cybercrime and Cybercriminology

Thu, Nov 14, 2:00 to 3:20pm, Golden Gate Salon B, Area 5, B2 Level

Session Submission Type: Roundtable Session


Cybercrime is an emerging and ever widening problem — that it represents one of the most serious of all contemporary criminal threats (IOCTA, 2018; McGuire, 2016; Gercke, 2012). As a consequence of the technical development, providing new opportunities for various forms and scales of activities, the approach of cybercrime is getting complicated to the extent that it cannot be encapsulated into a single curriculum. The aim of the roundtable is twofold: (1) to identify the current trends in research of cybercrime and (2) to identify the gaps in the curriculum taught in cybercrime. Discussants will assert their views in what they currently include in their ‘cybercrime’ research agenda, and their experiences in teaching college and university students. Questions the discussants are expected to answer are: What are the current most important research questions in the field of cybercrime? What do they find under-researched, and specifically missing from their cybercrime curricula? How do they approach the field of ‘cybercrime’ in research and teaching? What does an ideal cybercrime curriculum consist of? The roundtable provides a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences in the classroom, and about future research agenda.

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