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State-sanctioned Gangs: Police, Human Rights, and Transgression

Wed, Nov 17, 2:00 to 3:20pm, Salon 10, 3rd Floor


The liberal left relies on the “lessor of two evils” strategy to win elections. While this produces various level of success, the democratic party moved decidedly to the right, even the far right on many major policies. The neoliberal strategies that exacerbate pervasive inequality, class warfare, institutional hierarchy, prison industrial complex, international war crimes, terrorism, military industrial complex, police militarization, environmental destruction, censorship, denial of universal healthcare, poverty wages, and the largest upward transfers of wealth in history go unfettered. Even the most progressive left of the ruling party support strategies counter to progressives, and at the very least, refuse to fight for progressive policies. As Americans become aware of the illegitimacy of the U.S. political and economic system, the progressive left resorts to transgressive strategies –– posturing, snitching, name-calling, disinformation, eliminating free speech, smear campaigns, gas lighting, and mass manipulation –– to support the establishment. Those who point out the transgression of the progressive elite, find themselves under attack, and in turn, become transgressive themselves. This paper uses qualitative analysis of social and mainstream media to discuss political transgression from the progressive liberal elite as well as the transgression of those few who challenge the hegemony of the American establishment.