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A Deeper Look at the Activities, Services, and Products of State School Safety Centers

Wed, Nov 16, 9:30 to 10:50am, L402, Lobby Level


Following tragedies such as Parkland and Santa Fe, states grappled with how to address issues of school safety. One response to address school safety has been to create State School Safety Centers (SSSCs) as centralized clearinghouses. However, very little is known about SSSCs, including the practices, activities, and outputs of current SSSCs. Due to this, it can be difficult to determine how to prioritize funding for SSSCs, how they can be best structured, and which activities are associated with positive outcomes. In this study, which is part of a larger NIJ-funded evaluation of SSSCs, we examined the practices, activities, and outputs of current SSSCs, including the types of services they provide, the volume of services provided, who the primary constituents are, and the content areas covered. We utilized in-depth interviews with SSSC directors across the country and a structured activity data collection process to understand and describe the services, activities, and products produced by SSSCs in a one-year timeframe. Findings from this effort aim to better understand SSSCs on a national level in terms of their work and services and will be critical for subsequent explorations into stakeholder perceptions of SSSCs. Future, more in-depth, research and policy implications will be discussed.