Session Submission Summary

Stigma Toward People with Criminal Records: Measurement, Causes, and Consequences

Fri, Nov 18, 3:30 to 4:50pm, A706, Atrium Level

Session Submission Type: Complete Thematic Panel


Stigma toward people with criminal records has important consequences for reentry and criminal justice policy. This thematic panel focuses on understanding stigmatizing attitudes held by the public, including the measurement, causes, and consequences of public stigma. Specifically, presentations in this panel explore: 1) the measurement and dimensionality of public stigma; 2) the use of first-person narratives shared by formerly incarcerated individuals to alleviate stigma; 3) the role of aggregate/statistical versus personal narratives in shaping responses to criminal record holders, as compared to crime victims; and 4) popular characterizations of offenders as “evil” and implications for the stigmatization of criminal record holders. Strategies for mitigating stigma during reintegration and/or promoting support for progressive criminal justice reforms are discussed throughout.

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