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DH 6: Digital Humanities in and out of the Classroom

Sat, November 19, 1:45 to 3:30pm, Wardman DC Marriott, Lobby Level, Maryland C

Session Submission Type: Roundtable

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In this roundtable, our focus will be first on how DH projects can be used in the classroom, and then how they often extend outside of it, sometimes blurring the line between teaching and research. Each participant will draw on her own project in the classroom as an example, as well as her experiences working in DH. The collaborative nature of DH projects creates unusual constellations of faculty, librarians, IT specialists, and both graduate and undergraduate students. We will think through advising and mentoring at all stages of career, the way that DH up-ends traditional hierarchies between faculty and others on campus, and how DH forces us to be students and teachers at the same time (for example, when humanities faculty might be trained by geography students, or might learn best practices for generating metadata from librarians). While these mutual transfers of knowledge certainly enhance pedagogical relationships, there are also serious questions raised by the integration of DH into the classroom. How do we account for the use of student labor in a class-sourced project? How does a graduate student or junior scholar get sufficient credit on a large, collaborative project to be counted as progress towards degree or promotion? The core of our discussion will include both the benefits and challenges of practicing DH in and out of the classroom.

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