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Russian, Eastern European, and European Networks of Women Writers and Translators

Thu, November 17, 3:00 to 4:45pm, Wardman DC Marriott, Mezzanine, Hoover

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Since 2002, the database project at the Huygens Institute ING (The Hague) on the reception networks of women writers has expanded through the EU COST Action Women Writers in History: Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture (2009-13) to include over 125 researchers from 25 countries in the European Union, and has led to the HERA project Travelling TexTs 1790-1914 (2013-16), which examines networks on the margins of Europe (Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Spain, and the Netherlands) . The database contains over 500 Russian women. As part of the new digital humanities initiatives within the ASEEES affiliate groups AWSS and Digital Humanities, this roundtable brings together researchers on women writers from Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Finland, and the U.S., including the director of and PI of HERA Travelling TexTs, to present joint research and examine future paths for international collaboration on networks of women writers and translators up to the present.

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