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The Communist Propaganda Messages in the Photo Albums of the Kindergarten 'Mara Maleeva Zhivkova'

Fri, November 10, 8:00 to 9:45am, Marriott Downtown Chicago, Floor: 3rd, Dupage


This text will examine the forms through which the communist propaganda finds expression in the pages of three institutional albums with pictures and inscriptions from the 80's years of the kindergarten "Mara Maleeva Zhivkova" in Rousse, Bulgaria. The purpose of the analysis will be to focus on the early childhood schooling as a field of the communist instruction of the Bulgarian children. The paper will discuss the ideological concepts in the education as evidence for to the total presence of the communist propaganda in the society. This particular kindergarten will be examined as a model factory for future communist cadres. To achieve a complex interpretation of these albums, oral history accounts of educators from kindergarten and also of former students will be discussed. Additionally, newspaper articles of the communist press will be examined along with other archival materials to place the analyzed photo artifacts in the historical, cultural and social context. Through the analysis, a key to the proper understanding of the albums will be presented to the contemporary public.