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(Digital) Manuscripts Don't Burn: Archiving the Post-socialist 1990s

Fri, November 10, 10:00 to 11:45am, Marriott Downtown Chicago, Floor: 6th, Indiana

Session Submission Type: Roundtable

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The era of whirlwind political reversals, economic turbulence, and cultural polyphony that characterized the post-socialist 1990s has given way to nominally stable "managed democracy" in Russia and several other Eastern European states. Numerous media artifacts of the period remain, but Russian political developments since 2000 have threatened to distort a full account of the first post-Soviet decade. This interdisciplinary roundtable will focus on theorizing post-Soviet mass media's institutional memory of the 1990s. Central questions include: what media objects (videos, web 1.0 sites, TV and radio programs, etc) have been erased or preserved, by whom, and to what effect? How has manipulation of digital media been affected by digitization practices? To what degree should post-Soviet developments beyond Russia's borders influence our archive of the Russian 1990s? If we were to hypothetically construct our own archive of the Russian 1990s, what would it include and why?

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