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Art and Architecture: Made by Women

Sun, November 12, 12:00 to 1:45pm, Marriott Downtown Chicago, Floor: 6th, Michigan

Session Submission Type: Panel

Brief Description

This panel aims at revealing and examining in a temporal perspective creative work by women, and addressing art and design practices by considering cultural mechanisms that modify our field. Hanna Chuchvaha examines the emergence of pioneering women Ekaterina Dashkova and Anna Paulina Jabłonowska, the art collectors in the Russian empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, through the lens of proto-feminist concept within the historical panorama of eighteenth-century cultural readings. Ievgeniia Gubkina in her case-study of city planning and construction of Slavutych near Chernobyl, Ukraine, delves on the long way of women's emancipation toward professional leadership at the final stage of architectural practices in the USSR. By challenging the declaration of professional equality in shaping identities for women in architecture, informed by the Bolshevik revolution, Mariann Simon explores a contradiction between the ideology and practice of socialist gender equality in Hungary. The panel uncovers new findings reflecting on the gender issues in art and architecture, with the focus on women’s narratives responding to the challenges of historical conflicts.

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