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Disability in Late-Soviet and Contemporary Literature and Film

Sat, November 12, 12:30 to 2:15pm CST (12:30 to 2:15pm CST), The Palmer House Hilton, Floor: 7th Floor, Clark 10

Session Submission Type: Panel

Brief Description

The focus of this panel is the depiction as well as the significance of disability in the late soviet and contemporary Russian and Ukrainian literature and film. In spite of a similar theme, the lenses through which the three panelists aim to look at depictions of disability are different. By analyzing Nikolai Kolyada’s play Rogatka, films Corrections Class (2014) and Plem’ia (2014), and works by Palei, Ulitskaia, and Petrushevskaia, the panelists will look at the representations of people with disabilities from different angles. The following themes will be interrogated: representations of segregation and initialization of people with disabilities; representations of disability and queer relationships; the importance of sound in representations of disability; the meaning of a recurring motif of rape and sexual violence alongside disability; the portrayals of corporeality and the disabled female body.

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