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Emotional Cultures and Moral Regulation: From the Late Soviet Union to Modern Day Russia

Fri, October 14, 10:15am to 12:00pm CDT (10:15am to 12:00pm CDT), ASEEES 2022 Virtual Convention, VR4

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The panel addresses the role of personal and collective emotions in moral regulation in Russia. Tracing the evolution of emotional cultures and collective rituals of moral indignation and shaming from the late Soviet period to modern Russia, it shows the changing role of personal and moral emotions in the disciplinary practices and formation of subjectivity. From regulation of personal feeling states to collective expressions of moral indignation and conflicts around the "new ethics", emotions have played an important role in moral control. The papers will address the "therapeutic" and "moral" turns in modern-day Russia, both through the prism of the Soviet legacy and the current national and international context. The presenters will use different interdisciplinary and methodological approaches, with the sources ranging from oral history interviews, diaries and case-studies.

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