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Environments for Every Body: Panel 1 - Disability

Sat, April 1, 8:30 to 10:00am, The Drake Hotel, Huron

Session Submission Type: Panel


In these panels, we are interested in exploring relationships between bodies and environments as an opportunity to interrogate the political construction of spaces for (the construction of) particular kinds of bodies. In doing so, we aim to expand our conversations in environmental history in ways that begin to include other kinds of environments, place bodies (human and otherwise) back into these spaces, and make visible the many bodies and types that are excluded from our narratives of environments as something disconnected from technology and therefore inaccessible to entire populations. We use these panels to further a process of including more elements of science studies, disability studies, and urban history and design into our discussions and explorations of histories of our environments.

Panel 1 will focus on the relationship between “disabled” populations and the experience and/or construction of spaces that become accessible, traversable, and/or workable.

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