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ASEH Three-Minute Thesis Slam

Fri, March 16, 10:30am to 12:00pm, Riverside Convention Center, RC F

Session Submission Type: Lightning Session


Up to 16 graduate student members will participate in ASEH’s first Three Minute Thesis Slam. This competition began in Australia ten years ago and has spread across the globe. The competition helps students develop academic, presentation, and research communication skills that will assist them on the job market and in other capacities. It challenges students to succinctly and persuasively present their scholarship. Using only a single Powerpoint slide, doctoral students have three minutes to present compelling orations on their dissertation topics and their significance. Student participants will be recruited via the ASEH Graduate Student Caucus. Small prizes will be awarded to the top three presenters. This session closely mimics the CFP’s request for lightening sessions, but it also offers our graduate student members an opportunity to develop important skills and may assist some who participate in said competitions at their home universities. Kathleen Brosnan will moderate. The judges will be Brian Frehner (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Lissa Wadewitz (Linfield College), and Emily Greenwald (Historical Research Associates).

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