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Considering How Equity Can Reframe Transfer in an Era of Demographic Change

Sat, November 11, 12:00 to 1:15pm, Marriott Marquis Houston, Floor: Third, Tanglewood


This paper reviews the transfer literature and analyzes data from the High Performing Transfer Partnerships study to suggest how an equity lens can help to reframe transfer research in this changing demographic landscape. To this end, attempts to link equity to reframing transfer research needs to address the role that transfer plays in college access as well as outcomes. Examining enrollment trends in age, income, gender, race/ethnicity, family status, English proficiency, dependency status, enrollment status, and the many other yet-unknown aspects of transfer students' experiences is needed to dispel the myth of the "traditional" student (Mullin, 2012, p. 6), and to promote a more inclusive and affirmative student perspective, which this paper will provide.