Individual Submission Summary

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Measuring Transfer Partnerships for Equitable Outcomes: Initial Findings from the Higher Performing Transfer Partnerships Study

Sat, November 11, 12:00 to 1:15pm, Marriott Marquis Houston, Floor: Third, Tanglewood


This paper is two-fold, first examining current quantitative research through an equity lens, describing how transfer is conceptualized and studied using large-scale datasets (e.g. Crisp & Nunez, 2014; Jenkins & Fink, 2016; LaSota & Zumeta, 2016; Shapiro et al., 2017; Taylor & Kauppila, 2016; Wyner, Deane, Jenkins & Fink, 2016). Meza discusses a gap in the research and outline an equity agenda for transfer, including describing how variables in large datasets often fail to address equity issues, particularly those of racial equity. As much of what we know about transfer is based on largely colorblind research, reforms have not addressed an explicit equity agenda. She then describes how the High Performing Transfer Partnership study is placing equity in transfer student outcomes at the epicenter of our work. Offering early results from a new dataset Meza describes how colleges identified as “high-performing” in previous research may not be performing equitably and identify the extent of disparity in even “high-performing” partners. Using the same dataset she describes large differences between states in student outcomes and transfer patterns, and finally she offers methodological suggestions for adopting and using equity as a measure of transfer student success.